Audience Intel Report 63

March 8, 2023

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For the Legal Beagles

Does this chat bug you? A lawsuit brought by a consumer against Foot Locker accuses the retailer of “wiretapping” via their website’s online chat function. The suit alleges that by recording and sharing the chats with third party organizations for “analytics,” they are violating privacy laws against undisclosed “wiretapping.” If the class-action suit is successful, it could cost Foot Locker up to $25 million.

Chrome users have no class. Or, rather, an appeal to file a privacy suit against Google as a class action has been denied. The suit alleges that Google continues to collect data even when users enable Chrome’s “Incognito” mode. With the recent decision, now anyone pursuing the lawsuit will have to file for damages as an individual. This is good news for Google since they could have been facing a judgement in the billions for a consolidated class action suit.

Ups and Downs

Shifts in social. The social media landscape is one of constant change as recent usage trends make clear. According to recent data, growth has stalled for social behemoth Facebook, while Linkedin and relative-newcomer Discord have seen growing momentum.

Social media trends

Amazon stores bricked?  Amazon is closing eight of its “Amazon Go” cashierless stores across the country and paused the expansion of its “Fresh” grocery chain. The company says it remains committed to both formats, but the moves underline the ongoing challenges the retailer has encountered in establishing physical storefronts.

A dollar isn’t what it used to be. Dollar Tree beat fourth quarter earnings estimates recently, following its decision to raise its average price point from $1 to $1.25. While traffic fell, comparable sales rose 8.7%. Now the retailer is doubling down on the strategy by rolling out merchandise with price points of $3 and $5.

Bright Ideas?

One-stop sports. ESPN is working with the biggest sport streamers in an effort to be the one-stop shop for all fans’ viewing. Though in its early stages phase, ESPN introduced the idea to major players to gauge enthusiasm. Additionally, the hub may also “alert users to games that air on linear TV, cementing its new role as the TV guide of live sports.”

Spotlight. The social media known for its aesthetic and high-quality content is testing new advertising opportunities. Pinterest’s “Premiere Spotlight” ad format gives brands the 24-hour opportunity to engage a high traffic feature – the search bar. The ad includes a brief video with text and a button that directs users to the brand’s website.


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