Process & Portal

We Take Your Success Seriously

Managing marketing and advertising campaigns for maximum ROI is a complex job. Multiple audiences, countless media platforms and growing competition have made advertising a business of managing minutiae in addition to messaging.

From top-level strategy to end-user execution, RCG can plan and deploy campaigns that support business objectives. Better yet, we have the systems and advertising best practices in place to support you in meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

Begin Better

Determining the initial scope and scale of a campaign is the first step to completing it successfully. Your RCG team has the experience to ask the right questions and anticipate the challenges and opportunities inherent in any project.

We can analyze competitor activities, measure audiences and plan for economies of scale to help you determine an appropriate budget. Or we can work within a fixed budget you establish and help you optimize it for the best impact.

For multi-month campaigns, your RCG team will create a detailed digital flowchart with all of the relevant elements so, at a glance, you can review timing, budget allocations, media weights and more.

Mind the Middle

RCG has integrated agency-wide enterprise management software that guides budgeting and project management. You can always be confident that your RCG team is minding the details so you can focus on the big picture.

Our proprietary online review portal gives you anywhere-access to scripts, layouts, audio and video materials for comment and approval. Plus, with nearly unlimited flexibility, you can also use it to share and collaborate with your key internal stakeholders. The system will automatically track comments, keep any revisions current, and help ensure the buy-in and approvals you need.

Finish Strong

Accounting and auditing are often the last items on a marketing agency’s priority list, but at RCG we understand that the way you finish a project is just as important as the way you start it. That’s why we have invested in the software and processes that help us make sure your dollars deliver the audience reach and frequency they’re supposed to. Many times, we can adjust and deliver “make-good” outreach in near-real-time. Regardless, with each campaign we’ll present transparent invoicing that ties to your approved budgets and gives you confidence that your money was invested wisely.

Marketing can be an exciting and enjoyable endeavor, but only when the details are managed responsibly and professionally. That’s why RCG works to make your job easier from start to finish.

Contact RCG and experience working with a team who takes your success seriously.