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Media changes. People don't. RCG drives traffic, grows leads and builds sales through creating compelling conversations with the right audiences at the right times.

About RCG

RCG brings common sense and a strong work ethic to every advertising and media engagement.

Our experts excel in tough categories where every dollar and consumer impression counts. For marketers in retail, financial services, home repair, auto repair, health marketing and others, our corporate values deliver real and tangible benefits.

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About RCG Advertising

Our Solutions

For Awareness

Create market presence

  • Begin with Your Brand
  • Connect with Your Audience
  • Create a Digital Environment
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For Engagement

Connect with customers

  • Be Found When They Search
  • Educate and Entertain
  • Create Brand Advocates
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For Activation

Generate the right outcomes

  • Improve Traffic and Sales
  • Generate Leads and Inquiry
  • Maximize Your Impact
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Our Products


Video, audio, print and digital production

  • Tell Your Story
  • Educate and Entertain
  • Engage Powerful Conversations
  • Create and Collaborate
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Full-stack omnichannel media options

  • Generate Awareness
  • Leverage Relevance
  • Initiate Engaging Conversations
  • Maximize Media ROI
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Analytics and experience-driven guidance

  • Tough Category Experts
  • Engineered for Effectiveness
  • Flexibility and Scalability
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Featured Case Study


Our client was facing a new challenge when a competing retailer moved in "next door." Here’s how RCG leveraged the competitor’s own media investment against them to generate interest in our client.

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