How We Work

Nimble, Flexible, Scalable

RCG provides advertising and media services to clients in a variety of consumer categories. Our traditional and digital advertising has generated leads and driven sales for marketers in retail, financial services, home repair, auto repair, health marketing, restaurants, higher education and others.

Typical Client Profile

RCG typically works with organizations who either already are, or aspire to be, regional or national leaders in their category. If you are a business-to-consumer marketer who requires ongoing consistent leads, traffic or inquiry to generate sales, RCG has the experience and systems to add value to internal efforts.

Full-Stack Advertising

RCG is a one-stop single source for advertising and media management. This is sometimes called an “Agency of Record” arrangement. Today, it means that your RCG team can orchestrate and coordinate all the elements of your advertising. This type of engagement provides time-saving simplicity for busy CMOs and already “maxed-out” internal marketing teams. It can also add value by bringing greater synergies to messaging and media timing. Finally, by employing RCG as a full-stack advertising partner, clients can help preserve institutional knowledge beyond potential internal reorganization and staffing changes.

A La Carte Engagements

RCG can also supplement and collaborate with other marketing partners in limited scope engagements. For example, RCG might provide best-in-class media services while your internal team or a boutique creative shop provides commercials or content. Or, you might engage the experts at RCG to manage marketing around specific seasonal or timed events like holiday advertising or new product rollouts.

Products and Solutions Available

Partner with RCG in any combination of the following advertising products and services:

Regardless of how you partner with RCG, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working with a mature team of professional marketers.

Contact RCG today and let’s discuss how we can work together to produce and deploy more effective advertising.