About Us

Growing Good Business

RCG is dedicated to the success of people and businesses who live up to their word and deliver products and services that improve lives and lifestyles for their customers. Our advertising and media experts have been “helping the good guys win” for more than three decades.

Founded in 1983 in nearly the very center of the country, RCG brings common sense and a strong work ethic to every advertising and media engagement. RCG excels in tough categories where every dollar and consumer impression counts. For marketers in retail, financial services, home repair, auto repair, health marketing and others, our corporate values deliver real and tangible benefits.

RCG is confident in the value we add to marketing engagements. We believe in transparency in both products and pricing. We welcome collaboration and the sharing of performance data between our clients and their RCG team.


Our estimating and billing processes have been engineered to be clear and straightforward. We build in multiple approval and review processes to help avoid unpleasant surprises. And we regularly monitor and audit our media suppliers and other vendor invoices to make sure all expenses tie to approved budgets.


Annually, we deploy tens of millions of dollars in advertising and media investments, but we never forget that every single dollar should be returning the highest ROI. From actively managing video production for maximum efficiency to negotiating the most advantageous media rates, RCG takes a stewardship role in the investment of our clients’ budgets. Your marketing dollars work harder when you work with RCG.


The most compelling reason to choose RCG as a marketing partner is that, inevitably, your RCG team will become emotionally invested in your success. We see it happen with every client. We come to celebrate your victories with tremendous enthusiasm … and we take challenges to heart, working all the harder to find solutions.

In the current business climate and in an industry where style often overshadows substance, RCG will be an honest, hard-working partner because we can’t help seeing ourselves as an ally rather than a hired gun. And that’s a difference you can believe in.

Contact RCG to enjoy the benefits of working with a team committed to making your company a tremendous success story.