Audience Intel Report 2

February 26, 2020

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What’s In A Name?

A rose by any other name

MasterCard loses MasterCard.  In a move designed to respond to the digital age of minimalism, MasterCard has dropped its name entirely from its logo.

This Move Began in 2016.  In a redesign back then, MasterCard started the shift to join other “no name” brand marks.

In Good Company.  The financial brand believes their double circle matches the recognizability of other iconic logos.

Opposite Direction.  In an instance where a well-known brand may want to rethink its graphic and go back to type only, Sears unveils a revised version of its new mark. The original was criticized for being overly similar to another brand.

Old Name, New Run. Google Data is showing good news for an old name. Ford Motor Company’s relaunch of the Ford Bronco is the most anticipated car of 2020 according to search volume for the vehicle’s name.


Apple Adds Commerce to AR

Furniture in Augmented Reality AR


Augmented Augmented Reality:  Apple has added click-to-purchase functionality to its developer kit for Augmented reality. Retailers like Home Depot, 1-800-Flowers and Bang and Olufsen rolled out their AR Quick Look integrations this month.

From Cute to Commerce: ARKit, which debuted in late 2017, is Apple’s proprietary platform for allowing developers to place virtual elements in environments viewed through apps utilizing iOS 11+ and the iOS devices’ camera systems.

Price of Entry: To use this augmented reality platform, marketers must utilize an iOS app that employs the ARKit functionality. Each virtual element to be placed must have a 3D model in a format readable by ARKit, commonly this is a USDZ file. The USDZ format was developed by Apple in conjunction with Pixar.

Streaming Crowding Continues

Streaming TV OTT

AT&T Enters Fray.  AT&T TV, the new streaming service resulting from the company’s takeover of DIRECTV, is scheduled to launch today. With curious timing, it was also just announced that AT&T’s Chief Content Officer is leaving the company.

Et Tu Flipboard?  The news/magazine/social platform is planning to launch short video, premium content streaming for $3 per month. The app will come standard with new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Leading streamers are spending big money on traditional TV advertising to court subscribers in the increasingly competitive category.

Roku Profits. Roku which provides a platform giving consumers access to a variety of streaming services is feeling good about the growth.


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