Audience Intel Report 77

January 24, 2024

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More is More!

More Ads. Roku TV and device users will start to see more ads on their home screen. Known for having a simple and easy to use interface, the streamer has plans to integrate advertisers in multiple parts of the screen. Following its release of interactive ads, this is the next step in Roku’s efforts to boost advertising revenue.

More Subscriptions. Amazon’s Alexa, an Internet-of-Things device, may become a paid-subscription service within the next year. A  similar move with Prime Video recently began requiring additional subscriptions for ad-free content. Though Alexa arguably makes homes smarter, it begs the question of are users willing to subscribe to use it and is it even worth paying for? 

More Viewers. Peacock broke streaming records with its exclusive telecast of the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins wildcard game. Around 23 million viewers tuned in throughout the game. That made it the most-ever streamed live event and accounted for 30% of internet traffic at the time.

News Set to Music!

Radio Ga Ga.  Recently released research from marketing effectiveness guru Peter Field is good news for radio. Among other findings, Peter notes that advertisers using AM/FM radio have seen notable increases in brand trust (up 58%), profits (+42%), market share (+28%), and return on ad spend (+23%).

Honesty is such a lonely word. Americans’ ratings of nearly all the professions measured in Gallup’s most recent annual Honesty and Ethics poll were lower than they’ve been in recent years. Even nurses, who consistently rank at or near the top, are down 7%. Advertising practitioners are down 5% and rank 20th of the 23, still above car salespeople, congressional representatives and senators.

Make time for the Wildest Dreams. Meta is introducing new nighttime nudges for teen Instagram accounts to suggest limiting their time on the app at night. The message will appear when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram late at night and encourage them to close the app and go to sleep. The new feature is part of a suite of tools being introduced to help parents and teens manage their use of the company’s social platforms.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation!

Young people in malls? Is this the 80s.  Retail experts say members of Gen Z are helping malls. The instant gratification of the digital space has turned young shoppers into a generation that values the touching, trying out and buying products immediately in physical stores.

Ok, boomer. In digital retailer Temu’s first full year of operation in the US, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers shopped there more frequently and spent more than younger shoppers. In fact, the platform’s most loyal shoppers are individuals aged 59 and older.


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