Audience Intel Report 78

February 7, 2024

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It’s Soup Bowl Time!

Pluto TV makes a play. Launching its first-ever Super Bowl ad to kick off its 10th anniversary, Pluto TV is presenting its viewers as couch potatoes. The ad features rows of potato-costumed viewers in fields being nourished by a variety of Pluto content. Do viewers aspire to be couch potatoes? Time will tell.

Ads in the round. The Las Vegas Sphere made its unique outdoor media available to brand advertisers for Super Bowl week at prices up to $2 million. Now, sources have revealed the brands that have ponied up include AB InBev, Paramount, Nike, Adidas, Lowe’s, FedEx and Verizon.

NFL having a ball. Ads won’t be the only new content projected on the Sphere. The NFL has arranged to have custom Super Bowl LVIII imagery displayed on the Sphere’s LED exterior. The outside of the 516-foot wide Sphere is the largest LED screen on Earth. It’s covered with about 1.2 million LED “pucks” containing 48 individual LED diodes, each diode capable of displaying 256 million different colors.

Playing it safe. Industry observers are expecting Super Bowl advertisers to play things safe this year. With the cost of spots so high, the attention so great, and the potential for exponential negative reaction on social media, many brands aren’t seeing the value in taking big creative risks during this year’s game.

Farewell Apollo. Actor Carl Weathers will make a posthumous appearance in this year’s FanDuel Super Bowl spot. Weathers has appeared in the company’s commercials for some time and his planned role – with some adjustments – ­will go forward with his family’s blessing.

Feeling the Love!

What price love?  The National Retail Federation predicts that total spending on significant others will reach a record $14.2 billion this Valentine’s Day. The NRF’s survey also shows consumers plan to spend a total of $25.8 billion to celebrate the day, on par with last year’s spending and the third highest in the survey’s history.

There’s a word for that. While “situationship” lost out to “rizz” as Oxford’s word of 2023, it is being celebrated by Sweethearts candy. The brand is introducing a limited-edition release of Situationship Boxes containing blurry, misprinted candies that are supposedly “as blurry as Gen-Z relationships.”

Just skip it. To support its brand in India, Cadbury chocolate has released an ad that promises to help consumers skip Valentine’s Day entirely. The new ad is a follow-on to an effort last year that aimed to help chocolate fans ignore the sentimentality of the holiday.

Hear Hear!


More ears. Audio streaming service Spotify has hit a record 600 million monthly active users. The company, based out of Sweden added about 28 million users in the last quarter.

Eyes on the road please. Tech company, Xperi, plans to incorporate games into its digital car radio platform. Audio-based games would be personalized to users’ preferences and might incorporate simple ideas, such as name that tune, what’s the next lyric, or sports trivia.


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