Audience Intel Report 72

October 11, 2023

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The Mind of the Consumer

Measure Shopper Sentiment

Switching it up. What’s the leading reason why consumers switch brands? According to a Forbes Advisor consumer survey, 7 in 10 respondents say that they would switch brands for better product quality while 61% say “better deals” might make them jump. Asked what encourages them to stick with a brand, 74% said “customer service.”

Something old, something new. Almost half of respondents to a recent survey said they were open to considering gifting pre-owned items this holiday season. The same report also found that 44% plan to shop during “pre-season” events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help blunt the impact of inflation.

What’s the frequency? A new study from Roku and Magna Media Trials found It takes between 10 and 15 exposures to an ad to achieve maximum ad recall. For a brand’s existing customers, impact peaks between 2-to-3 ad exposures.

Missing the mall. An annual holiday shopping survey is predicting about half of Gen Z consumers will be planning trips to the mall this season. That’s higher than the average for all age groups. The report also pins a $958 per person holiday spend for 2023.

Hacks and Scams and Spam … Oh My!

Hit “like” to be scammed. A recent report from the FTC reveals that one in four people who report losing money to scammers say it started on social media and that losses to social scammers since 2021 have hit $2.7 billion.

Impending spam shortage? Google and Yahoo have both announced new bulk email requirements for 2024. Gmail and Yahoo Mail bulk senders will need to employ strong authentication for their emails following industry best practices including things like one-click unsubscribe and staying under a reported spam threshold.

It’s a gamble. MGM Resorts has said a ransomware hack last month that darkened the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, crashed its website, and hampered hotel operations across multiple properties has cost the chain more than $110 million.

YOU Get an Ad … And YOU Get an Ad … 

Ad-mazon Prime. Amazon announced ads are coming to Prime Video in 2024, starting with US, UK, Germany and Canada subscribers. Two tiers will be offered – ad-supported and ad-free. Viewers can pay an additional $2.99 per month to the current membership price to access content ad-free. Amazon vowed to have “meaningfully fewer ads” than its competitors.

Music Television. Spotify and Roku have expanded their partnership to collaborate on CTV video ads for its listeners. Soon, the two hope to roll out more video ad products such as podcast video ads. With over 500 million listeners monthly, Spotify said this is the first step in launching its CTV partner network.


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