Audience Intel Report 71

September 20, 2023

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Ad-supported adding up. A recent sweeping report notes that some 238 million people – about 3 in 4 households – in the US were streaming on CTV devices as of May, reflecting a 4 million rise from May 2022. The number of those households streaming ad-supported services climbed by 17% year over year.

Write “A Big Check.” Disney could be hoping the initials ABC bring a windfall for the house of mouse. Some analysts, however, see the move to sell the legacy media name as less about money and more about a “repositioning” away from connections with “old” media.

Firefly flashbacks. Feel like your favorite series keep getting canceled? Maybe you’re watching too much Max. A recent report notes that service has the highest series cancelation rate, topping even broadcast TV.

At the top. Hulu is joining other streaming services in launching a “Daily Top 15” program ranking. Competing streamers Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+ have featured daily top content for more than a year. Max joined the party recently and, now, Hulu is the latest to feature popular programing in a promoted category.


Keep your ears on the road. American drivers spend 76% of the time they’re listening in the car with linear platforms. This includes venerable AM/FM radio plus radio streams, SiriusXM Radio, and other radio services. This contrasts with 60% of time spent with streaming audio outside the car.

Radio to get real-time? Media powerhouse iHeart is planning to offer real-time bidding for its 850+ radio stations in 160 markets, enabling media buyers to buy audio ads the way they now buy digital. That said, no definitive time was given for the real-time rollout.

Break into the biz! Audio streamer Spotify is launching a new tool to help songwriters get recognition for their compositions. The “Promo Cards” tool introduced for artists in 2020 is being expanded to include writers who can design their “card,” share it on social media, and bridge to “written by” playlists for Spotify listeners.

Toes and Nose 

Unlimited power not included. If you’ve been holding off on purchasing your Louboutin heels, now may be your time … if you’re a huge Marvel fan. The fashion house has announced a limited edition line that will incorporate Marvel’s “Infinity Stones” macguffin and other comic book elements into shoes, bags, and accessories.

Too on the nose? DC lawmakers have introduced the “Banning Surveillance Advertising Act” that prohibits the use of personal data to target advertising. The bill only allows targeted advertising based on a consumer’s location but does allow ads based on the content the user is engaging with.


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