Audience Intel Report 6

April 29, 2020

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Retail Therapy

Retailers and shoppers are connecting.  As some U.S. retailers begin to offer “to-go” options for items like purses and shoes, some sales data shows consumers are ready to spend on “non-essentials.”

The next purchase on the agenda is …  A recent survey by Elevate and Hearst shows how soon, post-virus, consumers are planning to resume action on their top 10 pre-virus planned purchases. Purchases of lawn/garden products, insurance, furniture, appliances and remodeling are top priorities.

Thanks for that great idea. Online retailer Amazon is under fire for using sales data from third-party sellers on its platform to develop its own competing products according to a recent investigative report by the Wall Street Journal.

In my own little world. According to the Consumer Technology Association, purchases of earbuds/headphones is up. This comes right alongside an increase in viewership of streaming video.

Leaving It All on the Field

These scrubs come in Yankee pinstripes.  Sports merchandise and apparel companies are making some pro-worthy jukes to keep team members on the field. Sports apparel company Fanatics shifted its Pennsylvania jersey manufacturing operation to making gowns and masks for healthcare.

Buckle up when live sports makes a comeback. A survey pins live sports as the thing millennial and gen z men are missing the most in recent weeks.

NFL “virtual” draft telecast draws big ratings. Coverage of the annual event posts ratings up significantly from last year. Average audience was up 53% over last year. Round one scored an average audience of 16.5 million viewers.

Media Trends

Streaming TV OTT

Local news is most trusted news. Current study by TVB industry group shows that local news leads other outlets for consumer trust. 83% agree with statement “I trust the news that I see/hear on this media source” for local broadcast TV news. Social media has lowest credibility with just 45%.

About 96% of pre-virus projected local media spend will endure.  Forecast also shows ad spending on local TV to hit $17 billion, down from $17.8 billion. Online / Interactive spending to drop slightly more from $22.6 billion to $20.9 billion.

Growing Digital Savvy

More than 30% of small businesses don’t have a website.  Stats from a year ago showed 40% didn’t, so this is a bit of an improvement. Read more about the study here.

Customer-first social media policies.  Running a website is one thing, but managing a company’s social media output across multiple platforms where personality, interaction and immediacy are paramount can be even more challenging. Here are some good policy pointers from companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Ford and others.


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