Audience Intel Report 17

November 4, 2020

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Measure Twice

Promise of analytics yet to be realized. Marketing research firm Gartner reports that a large proportion of senior marketers, defined as CMOs and VPs of marketing, are so far unimpressed by the results they receive from their marketing data and analytics investment. There are a variety of reasons for the disappointment suggested by the chart below.

Analytics Weaknesses

Cookies crumbling. Ad tech company, Kochava, is rolling out an attribution tool to publishers and advertisers that it hopes will fill the “cookie” void in CTV and mobile. Roku is the biggest name currently on board.

Bluetooth boost for broadcasters. Nielsen made a methodological change in October to factor people who listen with bluetooth headphones that effectively gave a one-time boost to radio’s audience by 4%. The change was made due to the firm’s portable people meters, or “PPMs” – being unable to measure listening done via a Bluetooth headphone.

Silver (Register) Bells Ringing

Holiday shopping surge. Data analyst eMarketer is predicting a significant surge in ecommerce shopping this season with a smaller offsetting decline in brick and mortar sales. They expect online buying to be up nearly 36% and non-ecommerce to fall 4.7%.

A second opinion. Marketing tech firm, Adobe, released their own crop of data predicting U.S. online holiday sales will total $189 billion, shattering all previous records with a 33% YoY increase, equal to two years’ growth in one season. They prognosticate that online sales will top $2B per day beginning Nov 1 and bump up to $3B per day from November 22nd through December 3rd.

And a dissenting view? Retail watcher, NPD, says that consumers plan to spend an average of $691 this holiday season, which is less than last year’s anticipated holiday spending. Concern about the state of the U.S. economy is a contributing factor to consumers’ spending intentions.

Who Else Could Go For a Snack?

Guac out of the bowl. After six consecutive years of placing ads in the Super Bowl, Avocados from Mexico has announced they’re skipping the game this year and replacing the effort with retail shopper marketing featuring celebs Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews.

Panera making a pizza play. Sandwich and soup mainstay, Panera Bread, just added flatbread pizzas to its national menus as current events have pushed more of its customers to order carryout and delivery.

One is all that you can score. Challenger QSR brand is attempting to re-ignite last year’s “chicken wars” by firing a social media salvo at last year’s poultry Patton, Popeye’s.


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