Audience Intel Report 3

March 11, 2020

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Do Recent Campaigns Cross The Line?

BK Features Zombie Whopper.  To highlight the lack of preservatives in its signature burger BK is showing it rot in a new spot. See it here.

How Real is Too Real?  In a move designed to destigmatize natural biology, Kotex is changing the way they demonstrate their products.

Do Bears Go in The Woods?  Despite not wearing clothes on camera, the Charmin bears focus on undergarment cleanliness.

Has Science Gone Too Far?  Study says disgusting imagery can boost consumer response.

Talking About My Generation

What comes after “Z”? Following Millennials and Gen Z, Researchers label upcoming generation with a brand new name.

All Ages Can Agree on Privacy: Recent survey shows that 65% of consumers consider it a risk to give a company personal information (i.e. full name, email, phone number, etc.).

For Gen Z, Gaming Is the New Social:  Research company Kantar says that Gen Z prefers interactive gaming to other, more “traditional” social platforms.

Ok, Boomer:  While all current adult generations seem to be active consumers, the majority of household wealth is still in the hands of Baby Boomers.

Attention By Age: Study performed in second half of 2019 shows that attention to TV ads varies with age. Viewers 65+ pay most attention, under 18, least.


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