Case Studies


Bigger doesn’t always mean better … but in some cases it really does! When consumers search for items to perfectly fit their needs, their styles and their budgets, the size of the retail selection can be a difference maker. The challenge is how to tell the story of massive volume on relatively small screens.

Make the Case for “HUGE”!

America’s Largest Store for Home Furnishings took a giant leap when opening a new location in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The challenge was to communicate this whole new way to shop for home furnishings in a large metropolitan area far from its roots in Nebraska.

Staging the Introduction

The Grand Opening followed a process of informing the consumer about the store in three stages.

Stage 1

Showcasing the impressive size of the store.

Stage 2

Demonstrating the depth and breadth of product and service offerings.

Stage 3

Making it relevant to the consumer.



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