Case Studies


Introducing your brand to consumers who have no prior knowledge of you is challenging enough, but getting your brand into the heads and hearts of new team members who are also unfamiliar with you is uniquely challenging. Here’s how we helped a new team begin living some timeless brand values.

A Culture of Quality

A well-known retailer of furniture, flooring, electronics and appliances in the Midwest, NFM faced a unique challenge in transferring their culture to a new retail campus in Texas.

Values and Value

The store’s legendary founder, Mrs. B, grew the organization on a foundation of “Sell cheap and tell the truth.” Future generations built on her example by creating a culture built around helping customers enjoy a richer lifestyle by delivering the absolute most for their money.

To capture and communicate that culture, RCG helped translate corporate values into action-oriented “Be” statements that set standards for behavior throughout the organization.

Excitement and Expansion

Creative elements included everything from graphic standards to a kickoff video to New Hire Training materials to a revamped online newsletter format, recruitment banners, an interactive historical timeline, framed signage and multiple specialty items and wearables to stock NFM’s Be One staff-recognition stores.


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