The Seven RCG Principles

November 25, 2013

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There are aspects of our character – both as individuals and as a team – that help define us.

They are what make RCG special.

Principle One
Our clients are people, not companies.

We want to make our clients heroes in their organizations. That means we not only make sure the work we do on their behalf generates results in the marketplace, we also work hard to make their jobs easier. We understand that having a pleasant trip is just as important as arriving at the destination.

Principle Two
We are stewards of our clients’ business, brands and budgets.

The things that are important to our clients are important to us. We’ll treat every aspect of their business that they entrust to us with respect.

Principle Three
We listen well.

Our clients’ views, opinions and insights are valuable and we’ll treat them as such.

Policies are many, Principles are few, Policies will change, Principles never do. — John C. Maxwell

Principle Four
We tell the truth.

Listening doesn’t always mean agreeing. That means we’ll give clients the benefit of our expertise – even if it means saying something they may not want to hear. We hope they will do the same. We value our business and personal relationships. And the only way to ensure those relationships will endure for the long term is to build them on open and honest communication.

Principle Five
We are bold and innovative.

Creativity should never be confined simply to the writing and design of communication. Whether the discipline is media buying or strategic planning, we’ll apply critical thinking to every marketing challenge and work to find the most effective and original approaches in every situation.

Principle Six
We deliver excellent value for a fair price.

Working with us will probably never be the cheapest option. But we’ll make sure it’s always the best option.

Principle Seven
We have fun.

We all spend a majority of our adult life in our jobs. To that point, we believe that infusing the job with fun is important to enjoying life in general. We want our clients to have fun working with us. And we want their marketing to benefit from the positive atmosphere in which it was created.