Video & Audio Production

Powerful Commercials And Content

Nothing matches the storytelling power of well-produced video and audio content. TV commercials, whether delivered through traditional broadcast or digital platforms, can be the backbone of high-performing brand preference and lead generation programs.

The RCG team of storytellers produces hundreds of video and audio projects each year. Our focus is on delivering maximum communication impact for every dollar invested in production.

From heartwarming scenarios to hard-selling spokespeople, RCG creates messaging purpose-built to achieve your goals. We apply time-proven production techniques to capture quality footage, enhance edited elements and deliver a finished product that not only meets business objectives but also makes everyone involved proud of the part they played.

Our services stretch from beginning concept to final spot distribution, including:

  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Talent search and contracting
  • Location scouting
  • Production logistics
  • Shoot management and direction
  • Editing
  • CGI and 3D animations
  • Studio audio capture
  • Music licensing
  • Rendering and distribution

RCG provides an organized and process-driven approach to each of these elements, resulting in a production that meets deadlines, stays on budget and provides a quality end product with a minimum of hiccups or headaches for our clients.

In addition to our buttoned-up approach, the RCG production team also works to find ways to create a catalog of visual assets that can continue to be accessed and repurposed for future projects. In today’s environment where new content is a perpetual need, our production can help support ongoing engagement across a variety of platforms.

Contact us about your next campaign or stand-alone video or audio project and find out how empowering it can be to work with an experienced and responsible production partner.