Social Content

RCG Creates Engaging Content

Creating and deploying content for social media platforms is both an art and a science. RCG can help you with both.

RCG creates relevant and compelling content for social media. We can assist with initial needs analysis and help select which platforms to engage. We can perform social media audits of existing programs. So no matter what your starting point is, the experts at RCG can help you analyze, quantify and execute your content strategies.

RCG has experience on top platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as many secondary and niche social sites.

We can provide a framework that defines your voice and your engagement parameters and direct your internal content creators with detailed calendars of topics and timing. Or, our writers, artists and producers can fully produce and deploy content on your behalf.

Whether you outsource all or just a part of your content activities, RCG can help you coordinate your messaging with other media platforms to create synergy that increases consistency and multiplies your results.

Finally, RCG can incorporate paid social promotion to boost your impact and extend the reach of your communication on valuable platforms.

Contact us to learn more about making your use of social more strategic and building your social media ROI.