Search Engine Marketing

Boost Your Search and Pay-per-click

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can play a critical part in every advertising campaign. The certified search experts at RCG can help you with the key elements of search strategy.

Choose the Right Keywords

Analyzing and choosing the right keywords to support your marketing efforts is the first step in a successful SEM campaign. Whether using Google Ads, Bing or other platforms, it’s critical to understand what keywords are most-employed by consumers when researching your product or service. While many keywords might be intuitive, these are typically also the most expensive at auction. Sometimes a creative keyword strategy can be used to deliver the right audience at lower rates.

Create Relevant Ad Text

Communicating impactful information in the capsule descriptions displayed on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is critical to generating clicks. Consumers will evaluate your ad copy at a glance. If it’s not both relevant and compelling, chances are you might lose that customer to a competing ad that is. RCG employs professional writers with deep experience in writing call-to-action copy.

Manage Landing Pages

A click-through to a landing page that doesn’t immediately address the consumer’s question can be a wasted opportunity. Plan your landing page strategy to deliver on the promise of your keywords, but also to keep your development cost for numerous individual pages manageable.

Win the Ad Auction

Having the high bid is important, but so is your content’s quality score. RCG can help you balance your investment in keyword bids and your development of quality landing pages. We can help define your budget and let you know when to spend more and when to stop chasing diminishing incremental impact.

Optimize Your Search Campaign

RCG will optimize your campaign in real-time to begin serving more of your best-performing ads. We’ll also periodically revisit your ad text and replace underperforming headlines and descriptions with new options to test against click-through winners. We can also supplement your base campaign with retargeting layers to serve relevant ads across multiple sites to consumers who have clicked on our ads in the past.

Complement Your Other Channels

Search effectiveness can be multiplied when it is coordinated with messaging across all of your marketing channels. RCG can help pull relevant search terms, copy and landing page content from broad-market campaigns and deploy them effectively within your SEM activities. This increases synergies, boosts brand recognition and improves campaign-wide results.

Contact us to learn more about making your use of search more effective and efficient. RCG can help maximize your SEM ROI.