Logo & Brand Design

Build a Powerful Brand Image

A quality logo is more than a pretty picture. RCG can design a smart visual identity for your brand that works in all the ways you need it to.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about brands is often a logo. A company’s logo and visual elements are important parts of what communicates brand.

And, while a brand is the entire sum of consumers’ experiences with a company, a logo can and should become “shorthand” for this combination of impressions.

Think of the visual design and logo for your company as the “packaging” where customers keep all of their feelings about your company.

The very best logos tell consumers a little about what’s in the package using colors, typography and professional design that suggests the nature of the company’s business and what individuals can expect from a customer relationship.

The RCG design team can create company and product logos and graphic systems that convey your brand voice and communicate your brand personality.

Whether we are fully re-imagining a visual identity or simply updating or embellishing a logo for a special event or purpose, we treat your brand with the respect and care that such an important business asset deserves.

Our design services can encompass extension of your visual identity through collateral, stationery, packaging, vehicles, apparel, environmental applications and more.

Contact us to learn more about logo creation and design services available from RCG.