CRM Solution

Automate Customer Contact

Turning prospects into customers is an ongoing process. Continued communication is an important part of that customer journey so RCG offers a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

The RCG CRM platform allows for the creation of standardized chains of communication that move your customers along the sales funnel, delivering relevant content along the way.

Automated Communication

RCG can automate the customer journey by establishing branched conversations that anticipate customer actions, questions and communication needs. Customers can enter the flow of conversation through multiple access points, from responding to outreach emails to web inquiries and continue through ongoing touchpoints depending on the actions they take.

Fully Branded Experience

RCG creates emails, landing pages and content that fully reflects your brand. Your customers can move seamlessly from automated communication through to your site, your social platforms and even your call center.

Sales Pipeline Tracking

As your prospect moves through the sales pipeline, RCG will track their actions, provide appropriate automated replies and collect relevant information for comprehensive reporting. You can see, in real-time, what prospects are responding to and at what point in the sales process they are. This gives the ability to anticipate timing of sales, fulfill any additional needs and continually optimize your communication.

Integrated Contact Manager

With the power to import existing customer data as well as capture new inquiries, RCG can help you consolidate individualized contact information in a single platform. This gives the ability to not only drill down to analyze customer interests by individual behavior but also to aggregate similar actions such as page visits and click-throughs into new rules for outreach.

Overall the RCG CRM can help you stay ahead of your competition by giving you as much information as you possibly need. Whether it’s acknowledging a potential customer’s birthday to knowing where each client is in your personalized sales funnel. In the information age, it’s key to know as much as you can. With the RCG CRM solution, you can stay ahead on any information you need to make a potential customer into a paying customer.

Contact RCG’s CRM team to see how we can help your company build stronger connections with your customers.