Broadcast TV & Radio

Leverage The Largest Audience

Despite an increasingly fractured media landscape, broadcast TV and terrestrial radio are still powerful tools for delivering your message to a large audience.

Many companies have started their advertising efforts on digital platforms only to find that the best way to cost-effectively increase their reach is by advertising on television. Consider the TV ads you’ve seen from companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Both TV and radio advertising deliver unmatched reach across multitudes of consumers. This creates a per-person cost that is far lower than any other medium can achieve.

Powerful Targeting

Best of all, while not yet purely one-to-one targetable, TV and radio advertising can be used to effectively reach groups of individuals who have similar interests and characteristics.

RCG employs the latest ratings data from a variety of data sources. We utilize Nielsen and ComScore to make sure messaging is reaching the right audience at the right time. Best of all, we audit placed media and require additional exposure from media outlets if actual viewer data underperforms what was expected.

From a geographic standpoint, RCG can deploy messaging on a scale ranging from national to regional and citywide down to emphasizing certain neighborhoods.

Flexibility and Transparency

RCG also has systems in place to serve multiple messages across an almost unlimited range of variable geographic, programming and audience layers. So, whether you have one commercial for everyone or a multitude of different commercials for varying audiences, RCG can easily plan and place your campaign for maximum impact.

Ongoing reporting is also available so that your RCG experts can provide both complete transparency and actionable insights to help optimize your ongoing advertising.

Digital Integration

For broad-market campaigns, RCG can help you reach the largest appropriate audience at the most advantageous cost. We can also integrate the power of scheduled broadcast TV and radio with targeted, engaging OTT, PPC and programmatic elements.

By synchronizing timing and messaging across media, RCG can help you create advertising synergies that boost the performance of all channels and deliver a stronger ROI.

Contact us today for an integrated and orchestrated omnichannel approach to connecting with your target audience. The full-stack media experts at RCG can help you get more from every dollar invested.