Promotion Design

Build Sales, Traffic and Excitement

Limited-time and special promotions are a cornerstone of consumer marketing and RCG has experience in creating and coordinating the elements that go into successful promotions.


Discounting is a powerful consumer incentive, but it can have negative impacts if overused. RCG can help you create and communicate discounting strategies that build momentum without cutting too deeply into the bottom line. We can also help you vary how you describe discounting methods to help avoid burnout. Our experts understand how to effectively enhance standard dollars-off and percentage discounts by describing or packaging them in ways that connect and resonate with your target audiences.


Seasonal and holiday promotions can be powerful. RCG can help you find exciting ways to take advantage of heightened consumer awareness and activity during these periods. In addition, we can help organize promotions and campaigns around key internal dates like grand openings, company anniversaries and other events. These events can lend impact and credibility to promotional activities. RCG can help you create seasonal and commemorative promotions that stand out from the competition and engage both internal and external audiences.


Special events and participation in community gatherings are important tactics for engaging with both new and existing customers. RCG can help you create events that fit both your overall brand and your immediate business objectives. We have helped promote product demonstrations, sweepstakes drawings, sporting exhibitions and more. Plus, RCG can ensure your success by organizing the promotional messaging and media needed to generate interest and attendance.

Celebrities and Special Guests

Appearances or visits by celebrities and special guests can be compelling additions to – or the entire basis for – successful events. RCG can help you promote events with guests who are relevant to your company or product offerings. Our past events have involved guests including actors, musicians, professional athletes, kids’ characters, TV personalities, celebrity chefs, bloggers and others.


Helping consumers make purchases today and pay for them over time can be a key element of successfully marketing big-ticket items and services. RCG is familiar with communicating financing offers that both motivate consumers to buy while complying with appropriate disclosures and presentation requirements.


From inexpensive promo items to six-figure sweepstakes, RCG can help you create and deploy giveaway programs that generate buzz. In any giveaway, marketers must strike a balance between the investment in prizes and items and the return they’re expected to generate. Our experts can help you source economical options and merchandise your promotion in a way that delivers maximum profitable consumer engagement.

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