Over-The-Top (OTT)

Build TV Beyond Broadcast

There’s no questioning the power of audio and video to tell a story. But as a marketer, where do you deploy that audio and video to best connect with your audience?

At RCG, we know your potential customers are consuming media across a number of screens. So we use a variety of data sources to find the right audiences for your messaging. That could mean broadcast and cable TV or, increasingly, it might mean over-the-top (OTT) video.

OTT refers to a number of platforms that bypass traditional broadcast and cable outlets to deliver streaming digital video content directly to a consumer. Think of providers like Hulu, Netflix, Roku and others.

OTT services allow consumers to access a wealth of video content, including the newest programming and original content, over the Internet through a wide variety of devices. Smart TV’s and attachments like Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire Stick and gaming consoles deliver this content into the home while it’s also available on mobile phones, tablets and PC’s.

While many OTT providers are subscription-based, others supplement or replace subscription revenue with video ad sales. Individual networks like HGTV, Discovery and others often have apps available to stream their programming as ad-supported OTT content.

The options for advertising on OTT continue to grow and change at an accelerating rate.

The key to a successful OTT advertising strategy is developing a clearly defined target audience and using the latest data to find their content consumption habits. RCG employs industry and viewer data to place advertising messaging where it is most likely to be seen and be relevant to consumers.

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