Audience Identification

Know Your Customers Better

In a world of fragmented media, it’s vitally important that marketers understand the “who” and the “where” of their audience. These two important aspects of audience identification are critical to both crafting relevant messages and delivering those messages through media that will connect with potential customers.

RCG can help you answer important questions about your audience. We can help you understand who they are and where to find them.

Internal Data Analysis

Your internal data is a powerful tool for understanding customers but only if you ask the right questions. The RCG analysts can help you uncover the key audience insights that may be hiding in your sales data.

We typically begin with foundational recency/frequency/monetary (RFM) analysis. Then, depending on your business, we can examine sales and profitability across product lines, unique SKU’s, location and other factors.

We can append data to your existing customer database to give you a 360-degree image of your customers. We can build personas based on shared customer traits and model your best customers to help find “look-alikes” in national consumer datasets.

External Audience Data

Understanding your customers from internal data is just the first step. Identifying the media platforms and formats where they consume content is critical to scaling your marketing outreach.

One-to-one marketing is a powerful sales tool. You can create a one-to-one feel by appropriately targeting consumers at scale. Delivering relevant messages on preferred platforms is the key to achieving significant ROI.

The experts at RCG augment years of professional experience with the industry’s top media analytics and modeling platforms. All informed by leading aggregated media consumption data.

Every day, RCG deploys millions of dollars in media across broadcast TV and radio, cable TV, OTT, digital video, social, search and programmatic channels. Each is optimized against our clients’ unique combinations of target audience, message content and campaign goals.

Ongoing comprehensive reporting keeps you informed on how your message is reaching the intended audience. In the case of ecommerce and “clickable” messaging, we also watch how consumers are moving through the sales funnel. RCG can even deploy powerful algorithms to provide sales and store traffic attribution to your marketing efforts.

Find Customers, Grow Profits

Your team at RCG are experts at using the latest data and analytical tools to help you deliver powerful messaging to the right people at the right time. No two campaigns are identical, so no two solutions are either.

Moreover, no plan is ever static. Today, consumer media consumption ebbs and flows across an ever-growing number of platforms. RCG can help you keep up with changes without sacrificing past momentum. Best of all, our process has been applied successfully across a number of industries including financial services, health care, retail, home services and others.

Contact us to learn more about making sure your marketing budget is reaching the right audience in ways that make a positive impact on your business.