Digital Advertising

Full-Stack Digital Advertising

Consumers are in constant contact with a digital world. RCG can deliver your advertising message through a wide variety of platforms that extend your reach and support digital inquiry and e-commerce.

Digital Video Advertising

Video represents a large share of the advertising served on digital platforms. RCG provides powerful video advertising strategy and deployment across OTT platforms and social communities like Facebook and Youtube.

Beyond digital video, there are a wide variety of specialized digital tactics that we can employ individually or as part of a larger media campaign. Here are just a few examples of powerful digital advertising techniques.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising refers to sponsored content that appears alongside editorial or informational content on any number of digital news, sports and entertainment sources. Native Advertising content might take the form of a “feature story” about the advertiser’s product or service. Here are some popular approaches taken for Native Advertising content:

  • “Success story” from a featured customer
  • A “how to” on using the product or service
  • Profile on founder/inventor/high-profile user of the product or service
  • Feature on community service done by the company’s team members

Digital Radio Advertising

Platforms like Pandora offer consumers the opportunity to personalize their listening experience to their particular tastes. Opportunities for advertising on digital radio platforms are similar to those on terrestrial radio but offer some additional benefits.

Marketers can take advantage of more targeting options. Moreover, commercials on digital radio can acknowledge the more intimate listening experience and employ messaging that delivers a more personalized experience. Furthermore, if the listener is accessing the digital radio station through a PC or other “screen” device, advertising can display graphics and offer click-through options.

Podcast Advertising

As of June of 2019, there are more than 30 million podcast episodes from more than half a million active shows. And these numbers are growing daily. This wealth of original content and the consumer demand for it can present marketers outstanding opportunities. There can also be significant complexity in deploying advertising to podcasts at scale. RCG can help you craft a podcast media strategy that delivers the benefits of connecting with highly-engaged audiences across relevant content.

Situational Digital Advertising

RCG can help you serve relevant ads based on consumer behavior or environmental triggers. This can be as straightforward as retargeting consumers who click through from paid search results or visits to one or more web pages. Or it could mean serving ads to consumers who have visited a certain location within the last six months. Or it could mean broadly launching a geographically-targeted display campaign based on a trigger like the first freeze or rainfall over a specified amount. Overall, RCG can incorporate digital advertising that targets the dynamic audience groups resulting from a wide variety behaviors and situations.

Contact RCG today to share your goals for communicating with prospects and customers and let our digital media experts create a strategy for generating maximum impact and ROI.