Brand Definition

RCG Defines and Amplifies Brands

A strong brand can be a competitive advantage, but it goes beyond simply having customers and prospects recognize your name.

Ideally, the thoughts and feelings that consumers package together with a company’s name add up to a unique identity and perceived personality for the organization.

And this alchemy of consumer thoughts and feelings can do much more than differentiate a company from competition.

A well-defined brand helps consumers sort out how they feel about the company. More importantly, it helps them decide if it is the kind of company they should do business with.

Once decided, customers who identify with a particular brand will often rationalize choosing that brand despite possible negative factors like higher price, longer wait or less selection.

Consumers form brand opinions regardless of deliberate action from the company. Every touchpoint with a customer can influence and shape brand impressions.

The secret to building a valuable brand is being deliberate in providing a defined, consistent and positive impression at each touchpoint.

RCG can help you define your brand and provide guidance on how to use it consistently throughout your organization. This includes product branding, company rebranding and repairing “damaged” brands.

Our process has been applied successfully across a number of industries including financial services, health care, retail, home services and others.

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