Audience Intel Report 5

April 15, 2020

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Consumer Spending Continues, In a Fashion

Anxiety impacts how we buy.  Recent article in Pychology Today notes increase in consumers’ impulsiveness and “urge to splurge.”

How to spend that stimulus check?  Forbes asks four behavioral economists what they suggest consumers spend their stimulus check on. Necessities, favorite local businesses and personal perks make the list. Read more here.

Food is teens’ number one wallet priority.  In data that is no surprise to parents of teens, food is their top spending priority. Other takeaways from the most recent biennial teen consumer behavior survey from Piper Sandler can be seen here.

Working Trends

Winning Teams. Microsoft announced a daily use record for its Teams collaboration software.  The platform logged an incredible 2.7 Billion meeting minutes on April 9th, blowing past its previous high-water mark of 900 million minutes on March 16th.

Big moves for GIFs. Adding gifs to text communication has become an accepted way to punctuate and add personality on primarily text platforms. The practice has soared 33% in recent weeks according to leading platform GIPHY.

Home is where the heart is. Survey from last November shows 74% of respondents would have been willing to quit their current job to work remotely.

Home is where the stress is?  This week, more than a third of respondents to a recent survey say that working from home has had a negative effect on their mental health.

Home is where the alcohol is?  A provider of resources for treatment and prevention of alcohol abuse has published how many work-from-home adults admit to drinking during work hours.

Take Some Time To Level Up

Go to Harvard in your pajamas.  Nonprofit online education platform edX offers classes from the likes of that esteemed Boston institution, as well as Berkeley, MIT, Sorbonne University and more. Courses cover a wide variety of topics and many are at no cost.

Learn comedy from Steve Martin.  The accomplished comic/actor/musician hosts a 12-part class on online platform MasterClass. The site is also home to hundreds of other video lessons covering a wide variety of topics. Each is taught by top talents in their fields. From ball handling tips from Stephen Curry to business strategy and leadership from Bob Iger. An annual “all-access pass” can be had for under $200. 

100,000 courses and counting. Udemy is an online marketplace matching instructors and students for courses that cover a staggering number of topics. Many cost under $15 and range from the practical (financial analysis) to the esoteric (crystal energy).


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