Audience Intel Report 4

March 25, 2020

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Think Different.

Seeing common things from new angles is an important key to creativity.  Harvard Business Review notes “defamiliarization” as an important skill to cultivate for creative communicators.

McDonald’s dodges competitor trap.  In a social media equivalent of aikido, McDonald’s does the unexpected and redirects competitor’s jibes into a brilliant strategy to promote their own product.

Challenger brand redefines well-known milestone. Actor Ryan Reynold’s Aviation American Gin brand looks at “turning 21” in a whole new way.

Humane Society makes “bad” pets look good. Fundraisers for a Wisconsin Humane Society are giving pet owners a unique perspective on their pets in return for a small donation.

Crossing the Streams

Trading up? Fox Corp. announced it is financing a purchase of ad-supported streaming service Tubi primarily with sale of its interest in Roku.

Streaming ads on the IG.  Instagram is beginning roll-out of its plan to monetize it’s IGTV streaming service by offering ads on select channels.

Mainstreaming streaming radio. The auto industry, often a bellwether for ad spending trends, is projected to invest more in streaming audio advertising according to new report.

Looking Ahead: Things to Watch

Running silent: A Kansas senator has introduced new federal privacy bill that, if passed, would allow consumers to erase their personal data among other provisions.

Naming top tech trends. A lot of tech showed up at the recent Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, here are the ones marketers see as being the ones to watch for the foreseeable future.

Flying cars? Yes, flying cars. In a nod to childhood dreams everywhere, a Dutch company has committed to a manufacturing agreement for building flying cars in India.


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