Audience Intel Report 28

June 9, 2021

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Trust Issues?

Deterrents of D2C.  What stops shoppers from buying direct from brands online? According to eMarketer, more than a third say it’s the inability to see a product in real life. About 36% say it’s delivery time and costs. Inconvenience of returns and data security concerns also make the list.

Electric youth. Nielsen recently looked at the level of trust consumers have in the advertising platforms they currently use. They found that the youngest group of adults (ages 18-34) exhibit the highest level of trust for traditional media platforms. Some 54% of those who listen to AM/FM radio and 51% of those who watch TV find advertising on these platforms to be very/somewhat trustworthy.

Shopping is Popping

Put a pin in it. After launching a verified merchant program and shop tab features last year, Pinterest is now rolling out a new “shopping list” feature aimed at turning users’ saved Pins into purchases. The new functionality automatically saves all Product Pins in one place for easy buying.

Dads are cleaning up this year. U.S. consumer spending on gifts and other items for Father’s Day 2021 is expected to hit a record high of more than $20.1 billion according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey. About 75% of Americans plan to celebrate the fathers, husbands and other paternal figures in their life this year.

Streaming and Stuff

Ads on the mountain? Paramount Plus rolled out a new ad-supported tier that removes access to live CBS programming and costs about half of the premium tier. The no-ads option still costs $10 a month or $100 annually to stream everything available on the service without ads (except those that show up in regular live CBS programming).

Ads in the air? Well, not in the air, but immediately preceding and following air travel. NBCUniversal is partnering with ReachTV to place Peacock content on TVs in more than 90 airports across the U.S., Canada and the UK.

No (personalized) ads in the orchard? Apple has announced changes to a variety of its apps that are directed at preserving user privacy. One of the most sweeping changes comes to their web browser. Safari will now hide IP addresses while users browse the internet and will also offer a “Privacy Report” showing what sites were prevented from tracking them.

New islands in the stream. Walmart just unveiled two Android-powered streaming devices under its in-house “onn” brand. Two models are available, a 1080p-capable version costing just under $25, and a UHD/4K device for about $30. The release is a shot across the bow of other hardware streamers like Roku, Amazon Firestick and Apple TV.


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