Audience Intel Report 10

July 15, 2020

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What’s With Kids Today?

Hey Parents, your children want tech! Pressure to buy things for their kids is a source of stress for parents even in normal times. In an MRI Simmons survey completed in December 2019, 30.9% of mothers and 28.8% of fathers said they “find it hard to resist [their] children’s requests for nonessential purchases.” Does nonessential include the latest gadgets? Another poll by Life360 shows more than 60% of parents stressed to keep up with the Jones’ kids.

A new digital media network targeting youth? Sure, why not?  Newly formed video game entertainment and news network, VENN, will launch in August. VENN will produce live content aimed at Gen Z and millennial streamers — including talk shows, news, game shows and docuseries.

A new generational cohort? Sure, why not? Marketers, always on board for segmenting the next generation of consumers, are beginning to pin anticipated characteristics on “Generation Alpha.”  Born beginning in 2010, this cohort follows Gen Z and is predictably anticipated to be the most digitally-involved generation to date.

Inbox Zero … or Inbox HERO?

Companies’ investments in email marketing going up.  If investment in tools of the trade is any indication, confidence in email as a marketing channel is high. According to Fortune Business Insights, spending on email software is on a consistent upward trend. Automated CRM systems are driving much of the growth.


Digital marketing’s hip grandpa. Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication and marketing, but it shows no signs of slowing down. According to trend analysis by Statista, email use will continue to grow, reaching nearly 4.5 billion users worldwide by 2024.


Gen Z and email.  A study by PR Daily notes that Gen Z maintain preference for email as a communication channel. 67% of respondents identified email as “essential” or “important” and 79% said their use of the channel has “risen” or “held steady.”

Media Shiny Objects

A new bird in the streaming nest.  NBCUniversal’s new streaming service is set to launch this month with three tiers of content: free, ad-supported with basic content; $5/month, ad-supported, with exclusive original content; and, finally, a $10/month, ad-free tier. The new service has had a short runway to launch, leading to some difficulties and uncertainty over the final makeup of its content offerings. NBC Sports has committed to moving its Premier League soccer streaming rights to the platform.

Streaming video use hits lowest number in three months.  According to the Consumer Tech Association, consumer use of streaming video sources dropped 3% for the week ending June 28th. This was the lowest recorded number since April.


Make room on the couch. The latest numbers from Nielsen show that the number of audience members “co-viewing” with one or more friends or family are up across all measured video channels. While the numbers dropped slightly in the most recent period, they remain higher than pre-pandemic levels for every age segment.

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