Case Studies

Rocket Equipment

Launching a new product is challenging. Launching a new company with a brand-new solution to an established industry process is something else entirely.

Rocket Equipment chose RCG to guide it through a market introduction of both the new company and its patented piece of equipment that will revolutionize how its customers approach projects.

The New Company

Roofing contractors have always struggled with getting old roofing to the ground after tear-off. Traditional methods can be messy, damage architecture, crush landscaping and result in countless hours of inefficient set up and clean up.

That’s what led one successful commercial roofing group to a new idea: a self-contained, self-supporting, portable chute system for conveying debris from roof to dumpster.

The idea was patented. The prototypes were built, redesigned and proven in performance. And a new company was formed to take the finished product to market for roofers and construction companies.

Launching an Identity

The name Trash Rocket was coined by the inventor along with Rocket Equipment to produce and market the new product. RCG was selected to bring the names to life through evocative design.

Core branding elements were designed for both Rocket Equipment and the Trash Rocket, in order to establish their identity through distinctive logos, business stationery and an easy-to-navigate website.

Introducing a Revolution

To convince long-time professionals to abandon processes they’ve grown used to, RCG had to develop materials that simply and clearly demonstrated the advantages of using Trash Rocket.

Product sales sheets, spec sheets, and videos were produced to highlight both the innovation and the practicality of adopting the new method.

In addition, a trade show strategy was built for the company and the product to debut at the industry’s premiere event. Trade show booth design and event planning were also instrumental to prepare for the physical launch of both the company and the product.

Igniting Lead Generation

As preparations of sales materials were ongoing, RCG helped Rocket Equipment incorporate our CRM system into their start-up sales operation. Our team helped design initial workflows for trade show communication and management of identified prospects.

In addition to the email marketing tactics that were employed, effective public relations strategies were implemented to build momentum for the launch, including developing press kit materials and outreach to industry media which resulted in coverage by three trade publications.

Leveraging Momentum

Connections and interest generated from the trade show, propelled post-show communications and outreach. Again, the CRM system was utilized to follow up and maintain customer touchpoints and provide sales support.

In addition, a marketing strategy incorporating social media channels, print media, email marketing, SEM, and additional event marketing has been deployed.

The Results

RCG’s efforts resulted in a number of meetings being scheduled for the tradeshow. Foot traffic provided a number of new leads and web traffic continues to increase.

Within the first 30-days following the introduction of the Trash Rocket, enough orders were placed to pay for all initial marketing efforts. Within the first 60 days, orders in progress were nearing two million dollars.

With orders continuing to come in, Rocket Equipment is now curating positive reviews from early adopters and leveraging industry word-of-mouth into its CRM. Still in its first year of market presence, Rocket Equipment has established itself as a provider of innovative, time- and cost-saving solutions. The company has secured a premium booth location at next year’s show and is expected to continue gaining altitude.


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