Case Studies

Arthritis Foundation

Highly personalized content and high quality production help make one evening very special for this non-profit’s annual community honoree. Concept, photography and specialty printing techniques combine to reveal each woman’s unique story.

Very Special Women

Every year, for more than three decades, Nebraska’s chapter of the Arthritis Foundation has been selecting and honoring a Woman of the Year for her contributions to the community. RCG is honored to craft the theme for each year’s Gala.

Very Special Themes

Each Gala theme is uniquely tailored to the woman it honors. Through a series of interviews with the honoree’s friends, family and co-workers, RCG creates a combination of words and images that are uniquely meaningful.

Very Special Invitations

RCG’s production team works with generous printing partners to achieve striking finished pieces worthy of the Gala’s VIP guest list. Each year’s production is unique and one-of-a-kind.


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